Underwriting Bulletins

Bulletin Number Topic
99-01 Trust Certificates
99-02 California Community Property Rules (these rules replace Bulletin 99-02)
99-03 Disclosure of Omitted Liens
99-04 Inspections - Homeowner's Policies
5 (Amended) Notice Provided with CC&R's
Notice Form (Referred to in Bulletin 5, Rev. 12/26/2011)
No. 6 Judgment Liens
No. 7 Indemnities from Title Companies
No. 8 Streamlined Searching for Refinance Transactions
No. 9 (Amended) Privacy Notice - Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act
Privacy Notice Form  (Referred to in Bulletin 9)
No. 10 General Index Run on Buyers
No. 11 High Risk Transactions
No. 12 Homesteads (California)