Underwriting Topics

Many topics are slanted toward California law, which is my native language.

Assessor's Maps - Understanding

      Buyer in Bankruptcy - Outline
      Seller or Borrower in Bankruptcy - Outline
      Bankruptcy & California trustee's sales
      Lien Recorded During Bankruptcy
      No Asset Cases
      Reopening Bankruptcy Cases
      Sales Free & Clear of Liens - Outline
      Sales Free & Clear of Liens - Sample Order
      Stay and Appeal Periods

Bulletins - Regional Underwriting Bulletins

      Notice Provided with CC&R's (Bulletin 5)
      Notice Form (Referred to in Bulletin 5)

Codebook - Guide - Arizona

Community Property
      Bullet Points
      Code Sections
      Community Prop w/Rt of Surv  
      Rules for Insuring

Courts - Information on the Internet 

Creditors' Rights 

Disclosure of Omitted Liens (Bulletin 99-03)

Domestic Partnerships - CA law outline

Do Not Call Registry
     FTC Questions & Answers 

Eminent Domain - Orders for Possession 

     Additional charges - prohibited and limited 
     Death during escrow 
     Double escrows  
     Escrow Reference Manual - ARIZONA

Fictitious Deed of Trust

Financial Institution - search

FIRPTA and State Withholding

Forgery - Flags of Forgery

General Index - Buyers (Bul. 10)

Good Funds - Availability Guide

Guaranty Manual - Arizona

High Risk Transactions (Bul. 11)

Homeowner's Policies  


Indemnity memo 6/21/02

Indemnities from Title Companies (Bulletin 7)

Indians - BIA approval

Inspections - Homeowner's Policies (Bul. 99-04)

Judgment Liens
      Judgment Liens > 10 years (Bulletin 6)
      Judgment against settlor (Kurt Vote Article)
      Judgment against settlor (RT notes)

Mechanic's Liens - see topic in Forms section

     AZ Mobile Home Reference Manual (w/exhibits - slow download) 
     AZ Mobile Home Reference Manual (w/o exhibits - fast download)

Notary Public 
     AZ Sec of State - Notary web page 
     CA Sec of State - Notary web page 
     HI Sec of State - Notary web page 
     NV Sec of State - Notary web page 

      General Partnerships - Outline
      General Partnerships - Statutes

Powers of Attorney
      Durable Power of Attorney  
      Gifts and attorney in fact conveyance to self

      California Privacy Law 
      Confidentiality Agreement (Letter) 
      Gramm-Leach-Bliley (Bulletin 9-Amended)
      Privacy Notice Form (Referred to in Bulletin 9) 
      Information Security Program 
      Information Security Program - Guidelines Sec. 8

Probate - Outline of California probate law

Proposition 90 (and 60) (Link to CAR web site)

Reconveyance Fees and Tracking
      7/13/99 memo re: not collecting recon fees
      8/14/00 memo re: not collecting recording fees
      11/30/01 memo re: cancel tracking services
      12/17/01 memo re: payoff demand statements

      Affiliated Business Disclosure:  Memo   Sample Form

Same-Sex Marriages
      Arizona, Hawaii, Nevada

Searching - Streamlined Procedures - Refinance (Bul. 8)

      Instructions for Production of Documents 
            Affidavits:  Custodian  |  Destroyed  |  Missing 
      Instructions for Testifying 
      Statement for Copying Charges

Supplemental Taxes - Homeowner's Policy

Title - Ways to hold

Trust Certificates (Bulletin 99-01)

Trustee's Sales - 7-day stay  

      Article 9 (7/1/01 law change)
      Fixture filing priority
      Fixture filing priority (CA statutes) 
      Order Form - Loan 

Underwriting Reference Manual - ARIZONA

Uninsured Deed / Reconveyance With No Transaction 
      Affidavit - Uninsured Deed